Stocking Up the Cupboard

One of my readers pointed out that in these uncertain times, good idea to remember to stock up on water, food, and medical essentials. Oh, and comfort food and family photos and….. go, go, go!

Chasing Rabbit Holes

Beginning a new category – Stocking Up the Cupboard, Freezer, and Under the Couch. Why? Because stuff happens.

I was posting with another friendly blogger and we got to commenting on good times to stock up, i.e., March is freezer month.  I have been in emergency management (EM) in one capacity or another for over ten years now.  I’ve taught classes in Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT); I have acted as an Emergency Operations Officer and I live in a dangerous, gorgeous state replete with volcanoes, 2nd to California in earthquakes, we lose hikers and find ’em again (if all of us are very lucky and the neighbors turn out for us, as well as the professionals), and a variety of everyday hazards.  Whoever said Living is hazardous to your health was an understated genius.

Just because we know something ourselves, doesn’t mean everybody else does.  Or that they…

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