20 thoughts on “A Manly Man ~ truly

  1. Reblogged this on The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and commented:
    This reminds me of Ben and Sara, the couple I worked with way back the, the couple who are the subject of my new book, the couple who inspired me to laugh in the face of devastation and be inspired as long as my heart beats and my lungs will with oxygen. This is a two minute and forty-two second video that will forever live in your heart. One act of kindness, one moment of deep inspiration, one thing seen through the eyes of a child exploring the miracles that abound, and our lives are never the same. I love Huntie, who I am reblogging from. If you stop by and meet her, you’ll love her as well.

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    • Welcome and thank you for telling me you were here and your appreciation of such love and laughter. You are so right that each and every person who has a fight on their hands needs their friends. A friend in deed is a friend indeed. Yeah Baby!

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