In Memoriam of a Marine, the Marine Corps and All Veterans

I spent this past weekend in San Diego, California at my brother, Sean Edward Duggan’s Memorial. There were maybe 50 people in attendance. We came together in a restaurant, not a church, to commemorate a good man, who lived life well, on his own terms, achieving extraordinary highs and equally resounding falls. There were nine speakers spanning his lifetime of friendships, family and the loves of his life. By loves, he was a passionate man who pursued his goals with single-mindedness and a commitment that set the bar very high for those around him. He was arrogant in his brilliance, while admitting privately that arrogance and bravado was a very thin shell disguising his fear he would fail, he would be discovered to be a fraud – sooner or later, someone would find out he was a sham. In time, he came to realize that if you just kept moving, you might just pull it off. He did. He went through college, the United States Marine Corps, back to the UCLA Anderson School of Business, and on to a meteoric business career that spanned industries from Aeronautics to Bausch & Lomb, to Continental Can to helping to launch many internet businesses. The last five to seven years was in a gradual settling in of retirement, which he found in a remarkable RV park in San Diego, one of the best kept secrets of that sunny city, right on Mission Bay. But what stood out the most were the friendships he formed over time and maintained over a life of 65 years. He would have been 66 today.

It was a privilege to attend his remembrance, to be in the company of Marines and other Veterans. Though I am neither of these fine people, I have had the privilege to grow up in their company, to be a small part of their world and I thank them for allowing me a glimpse into their worlds and for their service.

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