A word on those Thanksgiving pre and post sales

Are you as baffled and biased about all the advertising as I am, seeing the early “Black Friday” sales, sales that start on Thanksgiving, or even as early as Wednesday? My gut reaction is to weep that such a day has become so corrupt and the antithesis of its original purpose: to give thanks for our blessings. Mind, I worked Black Fridays in retail and it leaves its mark, sometimes literally, depending on the sale. We used to watch the crowds lining up outside the glass doors and just shudder. The doors would open and the herd surged in. I distinctly remember jumping and ducking behind a counter for cover. P’shaw. Amateur hour now. Now it’s a fine art to get the best of deals and be able to really pull off some scoops. I get it. But couldn’t you have left Thanksgiving intact?

While we’re on that subject, Christmas decorations out and on sale before Halloween? Now, that one sets my blood boiling – who needs a costume? My jaw is gripped so tight, I could pass for a zombie right there and then.

Life is meant to be lived, experienced, not bought and sold. These holidays have purpose stretching back over 200 or 2000 years. Do you ever pause and wonder what happened?

20 thoughts on “A word on those Thanksgiving pre and post sales

    • Thank you, EG! i will be traveling to a farmhouse on a 20 acre farm to be with my dear friends, Laura and Dave – a truly amazing couple. All I need is to bring a NY Cheesecake. I am so glad to have friends to spend it with. May your day be as happy as mine, EG. xxoo Huntie

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  1. Sigh. When will we learn enough is enough? Business has gotten so bad with the push to buy, buy, buy, earlier and earlier displays for the season that we have become sheep and followed their ads. We’ve become a ‘me first’ mentality, forgetting what the season is about.

    I’d hate to work a ‘sale’ with a stampede of over-zealous buyers. Makes me shiver.


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    … and “Black Friday” advertising has now been creeping into the Canadian retail market. This ‘me too’ mentality makes me want to shun these retailers indefinitely. It is shameless commercialism in a place where it is totally out of context.


  3. Reblogged this on kanzen sakura and commented:
    My dear friend Huntie has hit the nail on the head. Are we more interested in sales and stuff than giving thanks for all our blessings? is our priority to decorate with glitzy glam instead of spreading light and love? What is your priority? What are you thankful for?


    • How wonderful to read you’ve reblogged this one, Kanzen! I am thankful for you and the Bitten Babes, and for God making me such a wealthy woman in every area of my life, most especially in friends! xxoo Huntie


  4. To each, their own. I don’t do my head in thinking about it. Business people have to go with the trend or get left behind financially, so everyone is trying to hit the market first.

    That said, I was stunned to see Xmas decorations on the deli counter in my local supermarket yesterday – it’s still November! And I hate seeing hot cross buns well ahead of Easter. Selling buns that early is nearly as bad as selling fairy floss and toffee apples all year round when you should only have them from the annual show (fair)! 😮

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