Not to worry: The easiest, best Turkey recipe Ever!

I am determined to give you more time this year! Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Love Huntie

Chasing Rabbit Holes

Many first-timers are looking at this:

or… you may be here:

and you’re hoping to turn it into this:

Well, not to worry, I’ve got your six, I’ve got you covered.

I wrote this out to be idiot-proof – literally taking you step to step. Here you go:

First, a few notes. If you’re still buying your turkey, go with a fresh one – it’s almost too late to dethaw. However, if you’re stuck with a frozen – begin to dethaw immediately. Put it on the counter, still in its package and leave it alone until tomorrow. Plan to eat late. Update Note: in the comments below, BumblePuppies describes a way to dethaw much faster – thanks, BumblePuppies.

Second: size – the butcher can help with this, it depends on the number of people you’re cooking for. Some people recommend letting the bird dethaw in water – can’t hurt, might…

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4 thoughts on “Not to worry: The easiest, best Turkey recipe Ever!

  1. Comprehensive instructions, Huntie. You forgot to say wash your hands after rinsing the turkey. I don’t do Thanksgiving, but your terrific advice stands for a Christmas turkey. I usually go roast potatoes, have never thought of serving up ‘ordinary’ mash, but I might do both this year. Never tackled a whole turkey before. I’ll give it serious consideration for 2014. ❤

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    • Be brave, Christine! You’re right, I forgot the washing of the hands – oops… Give this a whirl for your first turkey – it is truly easy I spelled it out as much as I could because there is always someone who is missing a critical piece of info… such as the bag inside the turkey.. (grin). The dressing flavors the bird and, though simple, everyone raves about it!

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      • No giblet gravy for you then? I eyed off a small turkey in the freezer section the other day. I keep getting memories of my grandson chewing on huge turkey drumsticks – I did a hindquarter last year – and I want a decent size, not just an overgrown chicken size!


        • Nah, I’m not a fan of giblets; I’ve made, I think, up to 20 lb turkeys; the smaller the longer time per lb. – doing this from memory, but something like 20 min/lb vs. 15/lb – with the dividing line somewhere around 15 lbs – but I am not sure…. 🙂

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