And I thank You, God for ….

Happy Thanksgiving to every one of my readers, to all the friends I have made in this marvelous virtual world. I began this blog December of 2012 and, impossibly, we are coming up on the second anniversary. At this moment, there are 530 followers who want to know when I have written something. I thank you from my heart. And, perhaps from the depths of my soul. Because you keep me going. Maybe, especially, this past year, which was indeed a “growing” year – full of challenges, of worry and fear and doubt with pathways of brilliant Light shining for me to follow if I had the courage, the strength of spirit and heart to do so. At each turning, you all have been there. This blog represents great joy for me and gives me great irreplaceable joy. Thank you.

❤ Happy Thanksgiving. ❤

21 thoughts on “And I thank You, God for ….

  1. I may not be on here as often as l once was, P, but always be sure in the knowledge that you have brought as much joy to my life as you say we all did.
    Indeed, much to be thankful for my dear friend.

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  2. It’s a gift for us, to look through the window you open when you write. We see things that you see, and we learn about indescribable treasures, from your honesty.

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