Winter Solstice Eve ~ Traditions

I believe this is one of the most magical and powerful days of the year, Winter Solstice Eve. I love this day and wrote of the way I celebrate today. You might want to give it a whirl. Grin. Happy Winter Solstice Eve. May you enjoy a little magic in the coming year!

Chasing Rabbit Holes

It is Winter Solstice Eve 2012.  Depending on who you pal around with, the world ends tomorrow via the Mayan calendar, or it’s five days until Christmas, or tomorrow is the shortest day of the year.  For me, this night, the Eve of Winter Solstice is a magical night.

The tradition began about 2003 or so, at a party of eclectic friends who all believed in God or a Supreme Being, but not “organized religion.”  We had gathered to eat, drink and be merry and exchange gifts.  One of the guys managed to gather us all together in one spot and, as I recall, we linked hands and visualized what we wanted for the coming year.  I’m sure Peace on Earth was a part of it, but this particular ceremony was in its own way a rebirth of ourselves into the coming year.  It was a stunningly successful year for…

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