Silent Majority Honks Loud and Long!

Reporting in from the field: The City of Federal Way is a bedroom community 30 miles outside Seattle, Washington. Only about half the residents vote and yet….today I got to see something special.

MG Bernardy, a reader of these pages and a dear friend of mine, wanted to do something for our Police Department. She’d taken over a plate of cookies, but just felt more should be done to support our men and women in blue.

MG is a woman of unconquerable energy and enthusiasm and when she gets an idea into her head, your best bet is to get behind her or you’ll get bumped or run over on the way to her goal. MG decided a rally would be a great idea and, at a local town council meeting, mentioned it to our Chief of Police.

“Oh, Huntie, the biggest grin came up on his face! Almost brought a tear to my eye or maybe his!” She applied and got a permit for Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. on our main drag at the corner of Pacific Highway and 320th. Getting the word out was dicey. We wanted a positive turnout without a lot of backlash, so primarily it went out by word of mouth. As the day got closer, MG began to fret. “What if only four people show up?”

In her dreams, she wanted all four corners to be covered with people and signs expressing support and it came true. In fact, it was damn successful! Better yet was the reaction from all the cars passing thru the intersection. I’ve participated in sign waving in support of candidates on that corner and it’s a treat when someone honks to say, “Yeah! I support you!” This time?

The cacophony and competition in beeping styles was wild, enthusiastic and very fun. I haven’t laughed at a rally before. This was outstanding, warm hearted and deeply felt. The honking came from in lanes, thru the intersection and kept on going – tiny beeps, loud raucous blasts, short flutter bursts, lots of rhythm and jazzy tunes were honked in support. Hand printed signs saying, “We are proud of our police,” “We support the Blue,” “Honk if you support the police!,” “We respect our police,” “Thank You Federal Way Police Department,” “Bless the Police!” and variations of all styles and ink. Passengers in cars got huge grins on their faces, rolling down their windows and waving to us. One gentleman was walking by and stopped to read our signs. “Support for the Police Department?” He asked in surprise. Somebody turned, “Yes.” That man just beamed and solemnly shook each of our hands and then walked to the next corner and stopped to shake their hands.

What a great day! Photos will be posted as an update when I get ’em.

Here’s a taste of what it sounded like:

UPDATE – Photos taken by Bruce Honda

Look at that smile!


P.K. on the left – one of our most enthusiastic new countrymen!

Proud to say on every corner of the intersection, it looked like this!

17 thoughts on “Silent Majority Honks Loud and Long!

  1. I love this. This sounds between a Walter Winchell report and a sports reporter. Know what I mean? That’s a compliment if you’re wondering.The sound byte upped the experience. Huntie, YOU had fun! 😀 I can tell you enjoyed this time out. Awesome. ❤ ❤

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  2. HONK HONK HONK HONNNNNNNNNK!!!!! How wonderful. Considering my city is having a “justice” in on Sunday *bah humbug”, it is good to know there are still people who support law and order and don’t go around whining with a sense of piqued entitlement. BTW, my county sent a contingent of Police to the funerals of the slain officers in NY. the city of course, did not. just goes to show ya….


  3. Kanzen, what is a “justice?” ….that’s right, you’ve told me of the way your area is split via city and county – so county responded and city did not. Ummm, you mentioned before how the city is run…


  4. Wonderful Huntie. Here in Victoria, Australia, we have a Police Blue Ribbon Day in September. This is in remembrance of all our police officers slain in the course of their duty, but I feel it is also a mark of respect for our living force members, too.


    • What the police do every day, responding to the unknown and having to make split second decisions at times – well, I am thankful. There will always be occasions when power is abused, but overall, they do a fantastic job under incredible pressure.

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  5. You, lady, are awesome. What a treasure that audio snippet is! Funny, the expression is “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but you just topped that with a 24 second symphony of affection. Honestly, Gershwin would be proud.

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    • Dear Benzeknees!
      How amazing to get a reply today… to this story which was posted in January 2015. Peggie is ill. She was admitted to St Francis Hospital in Federal Way WA on Saturday 5/9/15. On oxygen and very short of breath. I saw her yesterday, and she was in good spirits –as Peggie would always do her best to be– but I just learned that she was transferred this day to the Intensive Care Unit. The nurse said to me to call in tomorrow, she can’t have visitors today. Please keep Huntmode in your prayers.


      • Thank you for letting me know about Peggie! Sending healing thoughts her way!
        I have been so very bad about my reading over the last few months & I have been trying to catch up on some of my blog reading over the last week or so. Please send Huntie my best wishes!


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