The Mayor of New York City gave a press conference today warning the citizens of NYC that a storm was coming like nothing they had ever seen before and that they should prepare accordingly. According to the weather reports it will hit tomorrow from about noon onwards thru Tuesday night. It appears to be heading up the eastern seaboard as well. Be sure you have plenty of water and food you can prepare on hand in the event of power outages. Stay safe, people.


  1. Even as we speak the people of Richmond are, true to form, going bat crap crazy and emptying store shelves of milk, bread, and bananas. yes, bananas. And it isn’t even coming close to us! I don’t know the run on bananas but it always happens. I’ve lived in this town for 28 years and it never ceases to amaze me, the craziness of folks here. As neurotic as I am, you know I am prepared for nuclear winter.


  2. Yesterday after I read this, I checked our weather forecast because storms on the east coast generally like to remember us in some way. No snow until Wednesday till end of the week: a couple centimeters a day.
    Today: a Nor-easter is coming. We are expected to get a food of snow!
    What? Oh yeah. Still okay outside. 😮 Nothing happening.

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