18 thoughts on “Budweiser does it again – 2015 Superbowl

  1. And of course, I’m sitting here bawling…..You can’t beat puppies, Clydesdales, and sentimental sweetness. I love the horses backing off that wolf from threatening their friend. I want a love button for this.


  2. They have another commercial I just saw, geared to young folk but good for anyone…..about being a responsible friend and those waiting at home for your return from activities where drinking is involved. it’s a good commercial and not preachy. check it out.


    • I did see it and, I agree, it was good. I’ve counted three for Budweiser for this year. Only two with the Clydes…. the second was takes place in a grocery store – pretty cute.


  3. So. Where are the links? If they’re so great–and I trust they are–WHERE are the links. Remember your subscribers…they’re hanging on the edge.

    I hollered so loud when the dog was saved then came home, my daughter ran down the stairs to see if I was alright. Love these. I want to meet the man (people who write this stuff). ❤ ❤ ❤

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