If you do not believe in God, can you go to war with those who do?

Or vice-versa? If you believe in God, can you go to war with those who do not? What about those that believe in a different God?

Today, at the close of the three day summit on violent extremism, Pres. Obama stated it was an “ugly lie that we are at war with Islam.”

I believe we are at war with a faction of adherents to a form of Islam. I believe it because they have said so, repeatedly. We may not be at war with them; they surely are with us.

Recent reports of how to reach out to these extremists, to understand why they fight, why they do not like us – honestly, we’ve been trying to understand that for the last 14 years – are we not any closer to understanding their motivation after 14 years? Their goal: to establish a Caliphate across the globe. Their rules to non-Muslims: Convert, pay a tax, or die.

For those Muslims who do not practice as this group insists – they are the first to be killed.

For secularists and/or people who do not believe in God, the last thousand years must be a bad dream, never mind the thousand years before that, and thousands of years before that. Religion and belief in God is a personal calling. Some may take it casually, others may take it very seriously. You can believe in God without a specific religion and many do. You can choose not to believe in God. You can argue forms of religion forever a day. At it’s core structure, it is rules of behavior and belief, and faith. The tangible vs. the intangible.

The five major religions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism. I am most familiar with Christianity and Judaism and within those two are branches who practice their form of religion – some strict, some middle of the road, and some loosely. Over the years they have made room for one another within their umbrella religion. We have clear proof that Muslims who practice the faith of Islam can live and work together in peace with other faiths and non-believers. I agree we are not at war with Islam. We are in a war against a certain group, Islamic extremists, of that religion. Whether we acknowledge it or not.

15 thoughts on “If you do not believe in God, can you go to war with those who do?

  1. All religious extremists are detestable; some other than Jihadists would like to emulate them, I am perfectly sure, if they had the numbers and the financial backing.
    I can only repeat my usual bleat: a world without any religion at all would be a world less insane.


  2. Zealots. They bring the war to you, regardless of your beliefs and practices.
    I watched an episode of Criminal Minds where an Islamic extremist was the main baddie – very insightful.
    Maybe it’s because I’m inherently lazy – can’t really bring myself to hate anybody enough to go out and actively kill them. That’s not to say that I won’t protect myself and those I love, but to go on a mission? Just because they don’t believe the same I do? They will be judged by the only One who can – not me.

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  3. There may be those who do not believe in a god, but they do believe in decency and freedom and the freedom to choose. I think those persons could and would go to war against those who would try to kill freedom and those who believe in it. And yes Huntie, I agree. A world without God and hope is a bleak and bitter one.

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  4. My physician is a Muslim. We have had some wonderful discussions about the difference between our 2 religions. We both agree almost every religion, at some time or another, has perpetrated atrocities on other religions & non-believers. This is not a valid enough reason to hate “all” of the persons practicing certain religions.


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