Google Invests in 500 year life span….

Just a note in passing, without any in depth research. I heard today that Google was investing in prolonging the human life span to 500 years old. … My mind instantly shot off into the future and, without any respect for science and/or the Bible, the thoughts that followed were:

So, we’ll be back to living those 500 year life spans the Bible speaks of that science insists is impossible…. huh, so…. We get to this goal of the 500 year lifespan, clearly Earth will be crowded and we’ll send out spaceships to explore other planets and the Bible will begin again with beings who can live 500 years….

My next thought: Living 500 years would give you a completely different perspective on what is truly a problem.

Many of the seniors I have spoken to are conflicted on this aging thing. Inside they feel 20 years old, but the mirror and their bodies tell them differently. How fun is life at 90 or 112? And there is that small matter of finances. How do you save for a 430 year retirement… or how long would you have to work? How many careers could you have in 500 years? How many civilizations would you see come and go? Would everybody live 500 years or only the few, the special? That would be a longevity filled with loneliness if everyone you love, created and cared for passed before you…

How old is the man who is investing Google’s monies?

Google Ventures’ Bill Maris

Yeah, that’s what I thought…

If you’re interested, you can read more here and the YouTube video

15 thoughts on “Google Invests in 500 year life span….

  1. What? Is this guy like 16 or something? Obviously he isn’t at the stage where he has ED and/or BPH, or bad knees, or synaptic gaps, or had his wisdom teeth pulled….I can tell you, at 63, I feel like 30, look like 45 and days when my fibromyalgia is kicking in and making my arthritis triply bad, I feel like I’m 80. Personally, I’d like to take my wakizashi and whop him across his tight butt about 20 times…..

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  2. Inside I still feel 25 but my body is breaking down & life has stopped being quite so much fun presently. Not that I’m saying I would want it to end, just I don’t think I want over 400 more years of this to look forward to!


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