In support of Bloggers taking Five

You may have noticed that bloggers are ducking out for a day, a week or maybe a month here and there. Some are quite courteous about it, giving notice to their readers. Others, well, sometimes life happens and what was once an unbreakable commitment takes a step backward in importance. The reasons range from a death in the family to falling in love to all the way out to burnout. Be kind to your favorite bloggers. These breaks do not come easy. Blogging and reading others’ blogs, commenting, writing takes an enormous amount of time and eventually, as much as a blogger loves to blog, they simply have to unplug to balance out their needs, too.

For me, it was the death of my brother, immediately followed by the death of a blogger I loved dearly, Bill Hamilton. They were strong presences in my life and their absence left a void. Dealing with the aftermath, making arrangements, comforting people grieving their loss, these things take a toll. But, it can also result from all work, no play makes for a crappy life after awhile. You’ve got to get out there – away from the keyboard and screen – to remember why you started a blog in the first place. Smell those roses, take a swim, eat a muffin in the sun, feel the breeze on your face, throw a snowball. Hold hands with a little person, an elder, a peer, a lover, a good friend.

When I unplugged, I plugged into the television, catching up on series and gave it the same dedication as I did my blogging…. I am now an expert on commercials, on product side effects, hitting the mute button. I’m shocked at my appetite for crime shows. I am pleased that I find two “reality” shows charming: A & E’s “Nightwatch,” which follows New Orleans teams of police, fire, and EMS as they work from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. and CBS’ “Undercover Boss,” that has CEOs going undercover to find out what really happens in their companies.

The following commercial sums it all up:

23 thoughts on “In support of Bloggers taking Five

  1. With me it’d be more crocheting and more audiobook listening: the telly is restricted to the one network in this house, and I get in what I want from it awready.
    But you’re right about the dropping out, Huntie …

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  2. I have dropped out myself. I usually give a short post that I am doing it and when I return, I explain that I am back and will catch up….if I can. I have found folks to be extremely gracious, supportive, and glad when I return. Life is too short to be blogging about life instead of living it. My problem is, when single folk or elderly folk stop blogging, I get worried about them, being a mother hen.

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  3. Yup, know what you mean about a need to take a break…I’m glad you found content that helped you through the void left by the loss of your brother, especially. As to crime series – I have a passion for them and I record them and watch as I give myself a bit of a break, don’t care much for reality shows, though

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    • Glad to hear we share a passion for crime shows, Ina! In truth, I cannot stand the reality shows – these two were the exception as they lift my spirits vs. making me cringe at how low we’ve sunk as a species….

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      • Yup, know what you mean about reality shows – such low standards and idiotic, they’ve stolen a decade or more out of our lives when we could have been exposed to much better stuff – this way like you and I many have turned away from sitting & watching “regular”programs to selecting what to watch and when, heck I even record news and then watch later and fast forward any sensational crap that usually comes on during today’s news. Hugs.

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  4. You may have unplugged but honey you live in my heart and that’s no lightly stated glib comment. We also share our love for our dearly departed Bill in common. I so well remember when you two became friends and when he’d phone me he’d mention you. I still miss him and sometimes when the phone rings, at those times he used to regularly phone me, I feel the emptiness my friend no longer walks upon this earth. Life is precious, Huntie, and what’s important is just to take care of you and do whatever it is that enhances your quality. Those who are friends, bloggers or otherwise, real friends will always understand. Sending you a very special hug and lots of love today. Paulette

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    • This should have a “love” button, Paulette. I wish I could give you a real hug and, while I am at it, I would pick you up and swing you around… (hey, dreams are good!) I know Bill would be egging us on, while inisisting if he was present, he would pick us both up and swing us around at the same time!


  5. Huntie – Once again, you are so right. Always before, I’d been able to announce I’d be away for awhile and give a fairly accurate amount of time before I’d be back. However, this last time threw me completely to the wolves. I’d announced I was taking a break and each and every day was taken up with one crisis after another but most of the crisis had to do with Tom’s health. Then, when I had announced I would be returning to the blog, I didn’t have a single blog ready to post and I wasn’t ready to talk about what had happened in our quest with the latest in Tom’s illness. It’s been all so new and frustrating and I’ve been so scared of losing him so many times.
    I’d worked so hard to keep Tom physically and mentally safe and there was no way I could keep up with a blog while my own world was falling apart. Neither could I keep up with the demands of following blogs I wanted to keep up with.
    I had nothing left and having spent 7 months caring for Tom day and night along with his little dog requiring around the clock care – I was about done for.
    Then I developed walking pneumonia and still had 5 days of pushing Tom in a wheelchair as he can no longer walk due to unbelievable pain. Tom is still in the wheelchair but I have a student from the university taking up some of the slack for me – especially when we have to go out and about.
    I’m with you all the way, Huntie. We have to take those breaks. Those that truly care for us and what we write will return when we return. Those that don’t, well, are they really solid followers to begin with?

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    • Dear Sheri, your honesty and integrity always shine a brilliant light so that we can hear and understand what is happening ~ not only in your life, but in the lives of our Veterans and the state of our healthcare. Walking pneumonia will kick a “healthy” person’s butt. With all the strain, stress and anxiety you’ve been experiencing, not to mention your own health issues, to then try to push a wheelchair – God, it makes my own breath become labored even thinking about it!

      I am so pleased to hear you got some help ~ long overdue, dear heart. May your strength return swiftly and both you and Tom heal. Love Huntie

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  6. I don’t have a really good excuse for unplugging – maybe blogger fatigue? I just got overwhelmed, really. I was also deeply effected by Bill Hamilton’s death.


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