My 60th Birthday ~ how did I get here?

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Three score and…. That’s it. Three score. I am old enough that Lincoln’s Gettysburg address rings true minus a score and seven years… Agh! How did I get here and whose hands are those?!

My mirror is still kind to me, but the camera is not – why? The lighting, perhaps? I look down and see my mother’s hands and my grandmother’s feet – alabaster white with blue veins – agh!

But, here’s the coolest thing. All day long, birthday calls flowed in and I got to bathe in loving kindnesses and wishes for a happy, loving, prosperous, healthy new year. I ACCEPT! Amazingly, almost all of my callers sung to me…. HUGE GRIN. This is due in part to the fact that I speak fluent Duck and I faithfully call every friend of mine and sing them happy birthday in Donalda Duck voice… a small achievement, you might say, but my earliest friends say their birthday is not real until they receive that call….

Speaking of friends, tomorrow I will be in Palm Springs celebrating our 60th birthdays with two of my oldest friends, one from when I was 10 and the other from somewhere between 12-15, which is curious – I can see us walking on streets where I lived at 12, but my true memory says we met later, more like 14…. She will tell me because Anna will remember. I am the one famous for a photographic memory back in the old days – lost it around 28 when my Dad died. I am convinced a ton of emotion broke forth at that point and the storage capacity vaporized. It was a shock to have to write things down…

This is exciting for me to meet with my oldest friends ~ except for Virginia Maria Morgan, whom I’ve know since I was four-and-one-half years old. We lost touch back in the ’80s and I’ve searched off and on for her for decades. Sadly, no luck so far.

These two, Charlotte and Anna. They are very dear to me and have been written about in these pages. Long, long ago, my therapist asked me what I thought my life would be like at 60 (I was mid-twenties).

“Oh, that’s easy!” I said with enthusiasm.

My therapist, Jeanette, blinked. “Really? Tell me!”

“Well, I have a small house and a garden surrounded by a white picket fence. I am gardening. I’ve gloves and a sunhat. (unheard of for a Californian in the 80’s) A man walks up to the gate and says, “Excuse me, Ms. HuntMode?”

I rock back on my heels and peer up at him. “What can I do for you?”

“Mamn, I’m here to interview you about The Group. How you and your friends all became so famous and what it was like in the early years.” He grips his notebook as though it might slip away.

I stretch and get to my feet, nodding. “That’s right. Why don’t you come in. We’ll sit on the porch with some lemonade and I’ll tell you about us. One of us was a ballerina, another an actress and then there was me, a writer…”

And those are the ladies I am going to meet up with tomorrow. One of the bestest things is that Anna and I will be flying out on the same flight. I gave her the aisle seat – she is, after all, 5’8 to my 5’2.5 and she and Char paid for the tickets! How cool is that?!

35 thoughts on “My 60th Birthday ~ how did I get here?

  1. My dear Huntie – I’ve been AWOL and in the process missed your birthday. Please allow me to wish you a happy belated birthday. What better way to spend it than with friends you’ve known since back when. I still think of you as being somewhere in your 30s at the oldest as you are so young at heart and a young and beautiful spirit in my world. May you have a wonderful year ahead. Love and hugs. Sheri

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  2. So happy you’re having a happy day, Huntie! You were the one who got mad at me for not letting you know when MY birthday was years ago, and scolded me that it’s IMPORTANT to celebrate yourself (on a birthday) AND to celebrate all the little wonderful things in your life, so when you get to celebrate a big thing–you know how! I’ve never forgotten that wonderful advice and always try to celebrate ALL the little and big things–funny how life is better when you celebrate! Enjoy Palm Springs and your special time with your special friends–and when you get back, would love to have a long catch-up conversation–miss you!

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    • Susan, I write about our meeting in the elevator so long ago, and how you were trying to figure out what I was reading. When you found out it was Atlas Shrugged, “Oh! That is one of my favorite books!” Launching a conversation that lasted while the elevator door opened, out through the building’s large pane glass doors, out into the street, down the street and for the next at least two score years! It would be great to have a catch up conversation with you – let’s do it! Psst ~ I’m editing your comment for my name in that here in this world I am known as HuntMode…. Love you, Huntie

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    • Oh, were you at our birthday party in Palm Springs? Grin – we were most definitely silly; wicked and over the top – all the while knowing better, but wholeheartedly partying until the sun came up and the birds started their early morning calls. Grin. More on that later…

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  3. So glad that you’re having a get-away weekend, including with Charlotte! It’s fabulous that you’ve stayed in touch & are still friends! I know I dropped the ball on that when I moved to Hawaii…please say “Hi” to Char for me & I hope she’s forgiven me. I still remember you & me going to Palm Springs–sitting in the bar in our bikinis–ah, youth & firm bodies! I also remember sooo many of our times together, just you & me, & you, Char & me–many good times! Hope you got my Facebook birthday wishes–I had to try twice? Our 60s will be great–enjoy every day! Love, Nisie

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    • Nisie! Welcome to my home. I did indeed see your Facebook message and quailed at the thought of recounting what’s happened in my life since 1983. I beat a hasty retreat to the airport! You will be pleased to know you came up during all the reminiscing and I guarantee you Char has no memory of any wrong you may have done her! She actually gave me a good drubbing for not instantly responding to your FB birthday wishes!

      You will find within these pages many, many stories covering the years since 1983. Grin. Love Huntie (my name within this home!)


  4. I remember hearing the name Denise back then; but I never laid eyes on her. I might have been with Darrell or Richard back then and let my girlfriends down 😦 It was what it was.

    Still need to post a couple pics of our gathering – better late than never…. lol. Oxox.


  5. Sorry I missed your birthday! Belated Happy Birthday to you, belated Happy Birthday to you, belated Happy Birthday dear Huntie, Happy Birthday to you!
    Like you, I can’t believe I will be 60 in December! Where in the world did the time go? I hear my mother’s voice coming out of my mouth & i cringe.


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