My 60th Birthday ~ how did I get here?

Three score and…. That’s it. Three score. I am old enough that Lincoln’s Gettysburg address rings true minus a score and seven years… Agh! How did I get here and whose hands are those?! My mirror is still kind to me, but the camera is not – why? The lighting, perhaps? I look down and […]

Race Discussions and Caffeine at Starbucks

Starbucks is launching a year long campaign to improve race relations. Your next cup of coffee may have “Race Together” written on it and your barista will be happy to chat with you about improving race relations. Yes. Honestly. Living here, 30 miles outside Seattle, I shudder thinking of what will come of this. At […]

Straining Credulity ~ Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Much ado over recent revelations that Hillary Clinton, serving as Secretary of State, did not use a .gov email, but rather, chose to create and maintain her very own personal server and her very own private email to facilitate her email correspondence. Huh. When these reports began to surface, following on the heels of foreign […]

Google Invests in 500 year life span….

Just a note in passing, without any in depth research. I heard today that Google was investing in prolonging the human life span to 500 years old. … My mind instantly shot off into the future and, without any respect for science and/or the Bible, the thoughts that followed were: So, we’ll be back to […]

In advance of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress tomorrow – 11:00 A.M. EST; 9:00 A.M. CST; 8:00 a.m. PST

It is worthwhile to note that our long term ally comes at the invitation of the Speaker of the House, an equal branch of government with the White House (Executive Branch) and the Judicial Branch (United States Supreme Court). The White House took umbrage that the Speaker did not clear it with them first before […]

If you do not believe in God, can you go to war with those who do?

Or vice-versa? If you believe in God, can you go to war with those who do not? What about those that believe in a different God? Today, at the close of the three day summit on violent extremism, Pres. Obama stated it was an “ugly lie that we are at war with Islam.” I believe […]

Squeezing the Mind – the importance of words

Lots of debate on whether we can use the words, “Islamic terrorism,” “Islamic fundamentalism,” “Global War on Terror (GWOT),” and the really ball-busting one, “Radical Islam.” Is is about numbers? All eyes were on France. Twelve to 16 killed in France, but that same week, over several days, counts differ from 150 killed to as […]

Silent Majority Honks Loud and Long!

Reporting in from the field: The City of Federal Way is a bedroom community 30 miles outside Seattle, Washington. Only about half the residents vote and yet….today I got to see something special. MG Bernardy, a reader of these pages and a dear friend of mine, wanted to do something for our Police Department. She’d […]

Terrorism: “I know it when I see it.”

Paris, France: Today, Wednesday, January 7, 2015, three men walked into a building in Paris, into the offices of a newspaper that published cartoons depicting Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, called out the names of people and shot 12 people dead and injured another 11 people. The three men yelled “Allah Akbar!” (“God is great”) […]