An Old Family Recipe ~ Comfort Food dinner and it’s cheap!

I got a craving for comfort and looked around my kitchen – what did I have on hand? Ummm… a can of Libby’s Corn Beef, green onions, garlic, one egg, and Uncle Ben’s Boil in a Bag white rice…. ahhhhh….. History & Ingredients This used to be an incredibly cheap dinner. I was stunned at […]

Essential gifts for your comfort and safety

I did it! After 10 years of wanting this gizmo, I finally treated myself to it! Y.E.S. !!! It is a deceptively simple gizmo and costs about $15.00 bucks. What could it be, you ask? It is called a “LifeHammer.” Here’s a picture: “Uh, Hunt…? Not exactly a Tiffany diamond, is it?” Well, it is […]

Cooking: Want a fun evening and… learn something?

There were great deals going on at the market. Do you ever buy meat and then forget to cook or freeze it? Maybe you delay or you’re just not in the same mood to eat it as when you bought it? I swore that would not happen again. I have no excuse, you see. I […]

Food, Glorious Food ~ Nothing is better….

Second article in a series of being prepared for an emergency. First, you’ve got to have water, next, you’ve got to have food. But what kind of food? How much food? Well, how long of an emergency are you preparing for? A couple of days, a week, six months? We used to talk about a […]

Stocking Up the Cupboard

Beginning a new category – Stocking Up the Cupboard, Freezer, and Under the Couch. Why? Because stuff happens. I was posting with another friendly blogger and we got to commenting on good times to stock up, i.e., March is freezer month.  I have been in emergency management (EM) in one capacity or another for over […]