The Best Valentine’s Day Evah!

The best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had was in the year 2000. It went down by the numbers, far better planned and executed than some covert ops. And, it was great, right up until the Fire Department arrived. So much for sophistication, grace, a certain Mati Hari style. Harry and I had only been dating […]

This just needs to be said.

I am angry right now. I may think better of this and back off from publishing it, but I need to write this out for myself and for every person who has had to pick up the shattered pieces left by someone suffering from pain, depression, bi-polar, manic depressive cycles, drug addicts, alcoholics, victims of […]

Are You a Flatbed Mama or a Big Butt Woman?

Before you rise up and take my head off – a quick recollection on strategy gone so wrong… When I moved from Los Angeles, California to the Pacific Northwest, specifically, the great green State of Washington, I had many reasons for the move… I must admit that while I did not move for the sake […]

The Impossible Dream

With nary a second pause for thought, the most influential song of my life has been “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha. I first heard this in the sixth grade when our teacher presented this musical to us. Gary Maxwell. A quiet, reserved, pleasant man who had the unfortunate task of taking over […]

Stranger in Passing

DP Weekly Challenge – “Tell us about a character in your life.” I met him playing golf.  He joined us to make a foursome.  As I recall, he was slender of frame and the sleeves of his golf shirt revealed his forearms. For a man who had such a lasting impact upon me, it was […]

Christmas in the Pacific Northwest – The Christmas Tree – 2012

Every year, this challenge of the Christmas Tree comes up.  Is it Christmas, really, without one?  In my heart of hearts, no, it is not.  There have been years when getting a Christmas tree and decorating it went by me.  It just got away from me for one reason or another.  Work?  Money?  Time?  Living […]