A few quick notes on the Ebola Scare

You would have to be dead, deaf, dumb and blind to have missed coverage on Ebola, whether you are looking at reports on West Africa or closer to home in Spain or the United States. If you have ever watched a film, such as Outbreak, or any other, the perception of what a population will […]

Be aware! If you embrace this new policy of President Obama, there will be collateral damage.

As the drums and rhetoric mounts, the American public and politicians better fully understand that there will be bystanders killed – hospitals, mosques, wedding parties, etc. It is the terrorists way. Knowing our rules of war, they shelter deliberately with civilians, hiding their weapons in hospitals, UN schools, apartments, tunnels, etc. We are at war […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes

As commentary ensues re President Obama’s address to the nation last night and today’s memories of September 11, 2001, I keep remembering that old story of the Emperor and his new clothes. You know the one? Where the Emperor is conned about this fabulous wardrobe he commissions. All around him, his nobles, his servants glance […]

Feeling better? Do you feel more secure?

Well, did you watch President Obama’s Address to the Nation of September 10, 2014? I’ve attached a link for the video of the President’s address. It was refreshing in that he looked directly into the camera instead of swiveling his head to the right and left with his usual teleprompters. For purists, here’s the transcript. […]

Anybody watching tonight’s National Address by President Obama?

I gotta tell you, I am seething about our position in the world today brought about by the last six years of President Obama’s leadership or lack thereof, depending on your view or the latest approval poll of the President’s job rating. Depending on the group conducting the poll, Rasmussen shows 47% approve, 51% disapprove; […]


We’re reving up for the 4th of July, the U.S.A.’s Independence Day. Went to see the movie, “America.” The tag description is “What would the world be like without America?” I knew nothing about the film other than that tagline. It presents the two images of America: Oppressor or Liberator. Still thinking about it, which […]

Virginia: Eric Canter, House Majority Leader lost to a Tea Party Professor of Economics

The primary was just called on the news – Eric Canter, Republican House Majority Leader just lost to Dave Brat, an economics professor at a small college! This is a big deal… Now, for some fun thoughts: 1. And the dem candidate is also a professor at the same small college! Ooooohhh, think of the […]

If You are American, You Now Have a Target Painted on Your Chest

The weekend news that the Obama Administration negotiated with the Taliban for the release of one American for five Taliban prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay’s Gitmo means each and every American now has a target painted on his chest or her back. There are areas, if not countries, whose sole income comes via the kidnapping […]

Memorial Day: Memories and a heartfelt Thank You to all Servicemen and women

I will never forget the comment an Israeli made to me about our Memorial Day. “In Israel, on the day we honor our dead, at a certain time, everything and everyone comes to a stop. All traffic just stops and people bow their head in memory of their dead. Here you have three day sales.” […]

Sound the trumpets!

Rara Update: So, I had this vision, which was visualizing Rara receiving mail while awaiting her hearing on May 23. I’ve been advised not to send anything except a letter – handwritten, typed, colored with crayons, whatever, but no enclosures of anything except a letter. So, I was visualizing mine reaching Rara, and suddenly, superimposed […]