I thought it was time to have a Legal Page.

All original works (analysis, short stories, etc.) are protected by copyright and cannot be reprinted without permission. In other words, just ask me first.

Photo Disclaimer: the majority of the photos posted in this blog are were taken by me. However, I have used photos from Wikipedia and free stock photo websites. If there is a photo you are particularly interested in, please let me know.

Privacy Policy: Please be assured that your privacy is protected. I am not a corporation or company, or affiliated in any way with one, that gathers and sells information.

Thank you.

Best ~ HuntMode

One thought on “LEGAL

  1. Interesting you made a “Legal” page because I did the same! I noticed quite a few blogs lately with copyright, disclaimer, and legal pages or mentions on their main blog page. I even found a WordPress generic copyright template for all users. I chose the WordPress template since I am not very familiar with disclaimers. I think I am going to start putting watermarks on my personal photos, too. You just never know who’s looking at your photos and writings and what they may be doing with it. Good for you!


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