Who will watch my six now…?

I cannot be quiet and still until I have shared that this world lost two good men this week. Monday, I received word that my brother had died. He was one of my best friends, a man who guarded my six (my back, for those not in the military) from the time I was actually […]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many for a video?

First off, congratulations are due to Mr. Bill Hamilton of Dealing with COPD fame. Bill has hit the big leagues, ladies and gentlemen. Bill’s blog, Dealing with COPD, has been selected as one of The Best COPD Blogs of the Year. Typically, he buried the news and honor in one of his weekly reports of […]

Praying for a Friend

One of my best readers and commentors is Bill Hamilton of Dealing with COPD. He was concerned yesterday about maybe getting pneumonia and said he would call and/or see his doctor today. On his site, he has posted an update that he has been hospitalized for an exacerbation, which is a serious word in COPD, […]