The Sunshine Award

Recently, two of my blogger buds gifted me with the Sunshine Award. Curiously, they come from different directions, one from the U.S. and one from Down Under, and the pictures of the Award differ, as do the Rules. Tremble. Neither one could explain what the Sunshine Award was for. They thought it may have something […]

Blog Stat Gossip – you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Get two bloggers talking and inevitably up will come the subject of our readers – what they like, what they walk right on by, what’s a hit, what’s not.  Complex calculations on how to please your followers. As you know, I surrendered on this and simply throw my punches out there, sometimes it’s a wild […]

Million Dollar Question: “Why do you blog?”

DP Challenge: Why do you blog? I am a new blogger, just four months old. I had hopes when I began that I would cover topics as diverse as national intelligence, emergency disaster and preparation, exploration of religion to stories of my “staff,” a greyhound and a cat and that maybe someone would be interested. […]