The Rabbit had it right – I am late for a very important date

(I just need to insert here that I took time to research that picture and most of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland pictures creeped me out. I don’t remember the White Rabbit as creepy, do you?) I have been honored and I am late. Anyone in real time and space who knows me […]

COPD DEATH – Looking Death in the Eye and Still Breathing…

First off – don’t let the title scare you – it’s meant to catch your attention. I am fine. I’ve tried to write this post for weeks now. It is important that it be written and read by someone who may need just this at just this time or whenever they happen upon it. – […]

Milton: “The mind is its own place…”

Today, as has been the case for over a week now, I was having trouble breathing. Something about late August, maybe. For a year, I had been good – no sudden difficulties or that incredibly tired feeling – just the effort to breath taking everything I had. The act of eating seeming to be more […]