For my brother, Sean Edward Duggan

I have been offline since September 17 and I expect you wonder why. My brother took his own life on September 1, 2014 at 1600 hours. That is what the police report says. In my heart, it was August 31st, sometime after 6:00 p.m. My friend, Kanzen Sakura, wrote a post  to help with Sean’s […]

Who will watch my six now…?

I cannot be quiet and still until I have shared that this world lost two good men this week. Monday, I received word that my brother had died. He was one of my best friends, a man who guarded my six (my back, for those not in the military) from the time I was actually […]

COPD DEATH – Looking Death in the Eye and Still Breathing…

First off – don’t let the title scare you – it’s meant to catch your attention. I am fine. I’ve tried to write this post for weeks now. It is important that it be written and read by someone who may need just this at just this time or whenever they happen upon it. – […]