Morning in the HuntMode Household ~ Breakfast

Breakfast. I remember when I was young and finally put together words have meaning and reflect that meaning in their composition. The big illumination came from “headache.” My head aches. Ah! Breakfast equals break fast. In our household, the emphasis is on “fast.” As in NOW. I’ve been without a camera for months, making for […]

Elby, That Cat! Meets Himself Coming and Going

Picture a modern apartment bathroom. The wall above the sink and toilet has a very large vanity mirror that goes the length of the wall and about 2/3s the width with overhead vanity lights, six of ’em, to be precise. It has a side medicine cabinet, also fronted by a mirror, allowing for double imaging […]

Is Rose by any other name Rose? Part III

[Part I and Part II] We’re at the front door…. I put Dena’s muzzle on, which is akin to a Ballerina putting on toe shoes for a performance. Greyhounds wear muzzles when they are racing and when in strange environments for just those instances where best intentions don’t count. Dena & Elby, That Cat! Meet […]

Elby That Cat!’s Penthouse

It has been a crazy time here at Chasing Rabbit Holes over the last two weeks. Between Claire Has Flair’s passing and the apartment undergoing wild and loud maintenance, Elby That Cat! has bounced from one crisis to the next. Even before events began, Elby was climbing the walls, literally. If he was a little […]