Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter

On Good Friday, especially, it can seem a dark lonely time. Today, of all days, I received a written message from a friend asking me to light a candle for someone she loved dearly. This is a first from my friend. Most of my friends, especially my long-time friends, know I always have a candle […]

Christmas Eve 2014 ~ “Hark, I bring you good tidings”

It is soft and quiet at my house this Christmas Eve. I found myself grateful today for this day, this Christmas Eve and for tomorrow, Christmas Day. Despite all the crappy news and usual human messiness, this is the one moment in the West where we try to be good to one another and for […]

And I thank You, God for ….

Happy Thanksgiving to every one of my readers, to all the friends I have made in this marvelous virtual world. I began this blog December of 2012 and, impossibly, we are coming up on the second anniversary. At this moment, there are 530 followers who want to know when I have written something. I thank […]

The Act of Forgiveness Does Not Equal Forgetting

My friend, Bill Hamilton, has a weekly post he does and each week, as part of his post, he chooses a word of the week to discuss. In this post, Bill tackled “forgiveness.” How important it was and how difficult it can be to forgive. A wonderful part of Bill’s blog is the interaction between […]

Celebrating Flag Day (June 14) and Father’s Day (June 15)

This is an important weekend for traditionalists. Tomorrow, June 14, is the United States Flag Day. I’ve only missed it once and that was last year. Tomorrow I’ll be out and about by 9:00 a.m. (the reality is I say that, so I’ll leave by 9:15 a.m.). Our little town, Federal Way, Washington always celebrates […]

TAPS ~ God Bless and Keep You, Fallen One

Throughout today, TAPS will play across cemeteries in honored memory of our fallen husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, aunts and uncles, grandfathers, great-grandfathers – calling back through time to the United States Civil War. It is played every night on United States military bases signaling end of day. I am incapable of sitting during the […]

Memorial Day: Memories and a heartfelt Thank You to all Servicemen and women

I will never forget the comment an Israeli made to me about our Memorial Day. “In Israel, on the day we honor our dead, at a certain time, everything and everyone comes to a stop. All traffic just stops and people bow their head in memory of their dead. Here you have three day sales.” […]

Sound the trumpets!

Rara Update: So, I had this vision, which was visualizing Rara receiving mail while awaiting her hearing on May 23. I’ve been advised not to send anything except a letter – handwritten, typed, colored with crayons, whatever, but no enclosures of anything except a letter. So, I was visualizing mine reaching Rara, and suddenly, superimposed […]

Gosnell who?

I woke from a bad dream around 5:00 a.m. Unable to go back to sleep, I got up, hit the button on the coffee pot, fed the cat and the dog, and turned on The Bill Bennett Show, which can be found here. I enjoy Bill’s show. He’s quiet, thoughtful and measured. But since it […]