Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter

On Good Friday, especially, it can seem a dark lonely time. Today, of all days, I received a written message from a friend asking me to light a candle for someone she loved dearly. This is a first from my friend. Most of my friends, especially my long-time friends, know I always have a candle […]

And I thank You, God for ….

Happy Thanksgiving to every one of my readers, to all the friends I have made in this marvelous virtual world. I began this blog December of 2012 and, impossibly, we are coming up on the second anniversary. At this moment, there are 530 followers who want to know when I have written something. I thank […]

Here’s a thought: “What if…”

A friend of mine in another state is having her 60th birthday party and sent me an e-vite. It’s an important year for all of us turning 60. It’s a sort of road map that says: “Two-thirds of the way done…” There was an excellent deal on air fares and I searched thru, thinking I […]

Brainiac Fund ~ A Salute to Some Friends of Mine

Yesterday (by time of this posting), I wrote a post that was way too long (1,800 words or so) and along the way, I mentioned the potential of the Brainiac Fund. I’d like to highlight a few in that brain pool: With great joy, I read yesterday that Bill Hamilton of Dealing With COPD announced […]

What’s for dinner, Huntie? Banana Pudding Cake with Whip Cream!

Yesterday at this time, I was bustling in my kitchen preparing one of my dear friend, Kanzen’s recipes. Kanzen calls it the Easy Peasy Banana Pudding Cake…. Psst, hit that link and wish Kanzen and her husband a happy 14th wedding anniversary! Well, as you do… I needed to improvise with what I had on […]

The Act of Forgiveness Does Not Equal Forgetting

My friend, Bill Hamilton, has a weekly post he does and each week, as part of his post, he chooses a word of the week to discuss. In this post, Bill tackled “forgiveness.” How important it was and how difficult it can be to forgive. A wonderful part of Bill’s blog is the interaction between […]

BFFs are better than one BFF

Once again, the DP has challenged us re the topic of best friends.    Back in March, a similar question was posed and my answer seems to still hold true ~ grin.  Warning! You may have already read this one. Grin. Easy peasy:   The DP has challenged us to describe our best friend, how we […]

AWOL ~ time to get back to it

Beginning back in December 2013, I published Rules for Being Human. It was so popular here that it gave me the encouragement to begin publishing chapters of a manual I had written back in 1994 for a course I taught to attorneys for the California State Bar’s Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. The name of the […]