Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter

On Good Friday, especially, it can seem a dark lonely time. Today, of all days, I received a written message from a friend asking me to light a candle for someone she loved dearly. This is a first from my friend. Most of my friends, especially my long-time friends, know I always have a candle […]

Essential gifts for your comfort and safety

I did it! After 10 years of wanting this gizmo, I finally treated myself to it! Y.E.S. !!! It is a deceptively simple gizmo and costs about $15.00 bucks. What could it be, you ask? It is called a “LifeHammer.” Here’s a picture: “Uh, Hunt…? Not exactly a Tiffany diamond, is it?” Well, it is […]

Need a little light?

How do you feel about light bulbs? I am passionate about them. January 1 is the full-stop deadline when ALL incandescent bulbs MUST BE DISCONTINUED. This is one of my biggest pet peeves – I LOATHE the energy efficient curlicue bulbs – their light is like that of a refrigerator – cold blue, no matter […]

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”

“Do you believe there is still such a thing, a concept, a presence, as Evil in our world? Do you believe you would recognize it if you saw it? If you do believe and if you did see something you knew and recognized as Evil, would you act?” Those were the first two sentences to […]