Who’s that knocking on the door?

Daily Prompt challenge: Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny? I hold a very strong opinion on this one. I believe in fate, destiny and free choice. The latter allows us no excuse, full responsibility for who we are, what we do, and what we choose to […]

This just needs to be said.

I am angry right now. I may think better of this and back off from publishing it, but I need to write this out for myself and for every person who has had to pick up the shattered pieces left by someone suffering from pain, depression, bi-polar, manic depressive cycles, drug addicts, alcoholics, victims of […]

Sometimes you just have to go AWOL

Years ago, I was certified by the State Bar of California to be a Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) provider. I chose to provide a four hour course. One of the rules was anything over an hour had to have written material to accompany the course. Mind, no specific amount of written material was specified… […]

Keeping A Good Mental / Emotional Attitude

Well, hello. I was emailing with a friend of mine and we got to talking about attitude, as you do… right? Right. Somewhere in that discussion he said something to the effect, “There are just some days I can’t keep a good attitude and those are hard days…” which brings me to my point: When […]

Between you and me, Part 8

Still with me? Part 7 ended with: “Oh, gosh darn it, we’re up to a word count of 656 and we haven’t gotten to the good part.” So, what I thought I’d do is share with you a page or two (or another 4,000 words – just kidding!) of what that looks like: November 17, […]

Between you and me, Part 7 (VII)

Aren’t you tired of those Roman Numerals? Me, too. Here you go, what you’ve been hanging on for, the good stuff. It is Sunday again, a week after I had written Parts I-VI. Seeing the word count, something over 3,000, I broke it into Parts and published two parts per day, drawing out the suspense, […]

Just between you and me, Part VI

Part V ended with the words, “…Breathe, HuntMode, Breathe.” Words are funny things. Some words are heard clearer than other words. For the first time to my knowledge, Dr. Smith referred to it as a lung disease. Now, of course, it is and he’s probably said it a dozen times, but I didn’t really take […]

Just between you and me, Part V

Part IV ended with “…Longest walk of my life that day.” Friends have insisted I apply for Social Security Disability and I have resisted doing that. That’s for really sick people. Mine comes and goes. I can sit at my computer and type, as I am right this minute. And, yet. And yet. Out of […]

Just between you and me, Part IV

Part III ended with “..After I made it past 21, I always thought I’d live to be 80. Not 79 or 81. 80. I’m 58.” COPD. It’s an odd duck of a disease. It gradually, very gradually sneaks up on you. You notice you’re not walking as fast, but hey, everybody has days where the […]

Just between you and me, Part III

I never make a long story short, so for Parts I and II, go here and here. For those that jump in to Part III, Part II ended with: “…I said, “Okay, what’s this new mission?” “We want you to lift humanity to its next level.” Right. Righty-O.” Hubris? God’s little joke? What does that […]