Straining Credulity ~ Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Much ado over recent revelations that Hillary Clinton, serving as Secretary of State, did not use a .gov email, but rather, chose to create and maintain her very own personal server and her very own private email to facilitate her email correspondence. Huh. When these reports began to surface, following on the heels of foreign […]

Technology I’d invest In

I received an email today regarding the latest Israeli technology – I believe it was tongue in cheek, but I’d vote for it. In a heartbeat. It’s everything I want from my government: protection, security, budget conscious, equal opportunity, liberty and the blind eye of Lady Justice: Scanner The Israelis are developing an airport security […]

You Are Being Profiled

Where do you stand on profiling? In the aftermath of 9/11, Boston Bombings, Sandyhook Elementary School Massacre, the outcry against guns (what type, who should be allowed to own one, how many bullets you can have in a magazine), airport screening, the argument about profiling always raises its ugly head. Proponents say it is necessary […]