The Emperor’s New Clothes

As commentary ensues re President Obama’s address to the nation last night and today’s memories of September 11, 2001, I keep remembering that old story of the Emperor and his new clothes. You know the one? Where the Emperor is conned about this fabulous wardrobe he commissions. All around him, his nobles, his servants glance […]

“Now? Have you lost your mind?!”

Perhaps you have heard something about illegal children crossing our southern border? More than 52,000 unaccompanied minors and 39,000 women with children have been apprehended on the southern border this year. How to handle this surge? Especially since a law passed in 2008 forbids returning children from non-contiguous countries, i.e., El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, […]

Virginia: Eric Canter, House Majority Leader lost to a Tea Party Professor of Economics

The primary was just called on the news – Eric Canter, Republican House Majority Leader just lost to Dave Brat, an economics professor at a small college! This is a big deal… Now, for some fun thoughts: 1. And the dem candidate is also a professor at the same small college! Ooooohhh, think of the […]

Gosnell who?

I woke from a bad dream around 5:00 a.m. Unable to go back to sleep, I got up, hit the button on the coffee pot, fed the cat and the dog, and turned on The Bill Bennett Show, which can be found here. I enjoy Bill’s show. He’s quiet, thoughtful and measured. But since it […]

Keep an Eye on Robert Gates’ New Book: “Duty”

Yesterday, Bob Woodward and Max Fisher of the Washington Post each wrote a review of former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates’ book, “Duty,” coming out on January 14, 2014. It’s causing ripples and outcries as this man was considered on both sides, Democrat and Republican, to be outstanding in his service for both the Bush […]

Intelligence, NSA and Prevention of Terrorism

After 12 years post September 11, 2001, what have we learned? The purpose of terrorism is to sow terror, to sow doubt, to undermine peoples’ faith in their governments. Why? To accomplish whatever long term goal the terrorist or group has in mind. It is a tool, not an end. It is a means to […]

Is this even legal? (Updated)

As more information comes out re the consequences of Obamacare and the implementation of a bill no one read, fixes no one did or thought of, results no one imagined, I am left scratching my head in puzzlement and wonder. Does it take a genius to understand economics? Maybe just some straight up education and […]