I lost my heart at the Farmer’s Market

Saturday, after the Flag Day ceremony, I went to our local Farmer’s Market with my friend, Maureen B. We sauntered up and down the rows, eying lavish displays of produce, gawking at the size of radishes and Walla Walla Sweet Onions (just for you, Kanzen!). They looked as though they’d been exposed to nuclear radiation – they were gigantic!

I came away with a bunch of colorful sweet pea flowers and four pints of strawberries. By the way, I may be the last person to know this, but did you know that you’re not supposed to wash your vegetables when you get home? No, no, no! You’re suppose to store them and only wash them when you ready to eat them. They last longer. Also, store them in a different container. They will last longer… I will say these strawberries had more aroma than any of the others we saw. Stunning to the senses.

And then… I looked around and saw him….

I walked up, helpless to stop myself from reaching for him. For a time we stood still and he breathed gently into my neck and then he kissed me.

Puppy 3

Puppy 2

Puppy 1

56 thoughts on “I lost my heart at the Farmer’s Market

  1. such a cute fellow.
    If only we could take them all home with us, but, alas…
    At least you got to smell that sweet breath – I think that’s what makes them so irresistible!!


    • Ah, in truth, this baby was taken – I just got to cuddle for a bit. My life would have been at risk had I brought that little guy home. I would have had to look Ella & Elby, That Cat! in the eyes… That would not have been pretty…. grin.


    • This little guy was touring the Farmer’s Market with his human forever Mother. She was kind enough to let me get hugs and kisses. I have my babies in place and they smelled that little guy as soon as I walked in the door. “You didn’t?!” No, I didn’t.


  2. Puppy love!!! That’s a way to brighten any day πŸ™‚
    Like M-R, I was left wondering what came next. I was disappointed to hear you didn’t bring the little furry-face home πŸ˜‰


  3. By the time I reached the end of the post and the pictures, the first words on my tongue were, “And then, and then?”
    Aww. Too bad you gave the puppy back. I thought you’d have adopted the sweet thing but of course you can’t steal someone else’s baby. Sweet.
    The first picture had me doing a double take. Your profile looks like my third sister.


  4. Being that my and the hubby have been rescuing rotties for 28 years, doubtful I could have walked away. He’s a precious baby, looks like our Max when he was a puppy. I’m smiling thinking of how cute, and how little he looks, and then they turn so big. Nothing better than starting my Monday morning with these photos. ❀


    • Welcome! My goodness, M.R. has many of her lovely readers coming to see about a romance! You will see that I have two kids of my own, one a lovely Greythound girl, named Ella, and one a very active Lynx Siamese boy, named Elby, That Cat! They are very serious about their ownership of me. Grin.


  5. Hunt, I don’t blame him a bit for wanting to kiss you, And I know when you looked into his big brown eyes your heart melted. I am so glad you had such a great Saturday. Thanks for the tips on cleaning and storiing food. I know we don’t clean foods until we are ready to cook them, but I also know we never really change the packaging of purchased fresh veggies. Good info, great weekend. Take care, Bill


    • You are so kind, Bill. Maureen was scandalized I did not know about the care and treatment of vegetables and fruit. She was not impressed with my bluster of “Well, clearly, I was busy with other data!”


  6. Huntie – There’s nothing as sweet as scooping up a sweet dog and receiving their unconditional love. How I’d like every day and each evening to end with such perfection. Of course having Miss Priss cuddled next to me is as sweet as it gets at the moment. With Tom in serious recovery mode, having a loving pet who expects nothing more than love in return, food and a few snacks is a joy that causes my life to be happy, happy even on the darkest days.


      • They are so cute and cuddly. I grew up in wide open acreage and I’ve always believed that’s where big dogs belong. Since I’ve become a city dweller, I’ve become a lover of Shih Tzu’s. They are oh so loyal and like nothing more than to be close to their master and know they are needed. Tom had always been a short-haired terrier guy until he met me and my dog and cat! He’s been a fuzzy dog person ever since and has even owned his own cat!


    • His owner is actually in those pictures – you can see her hovering in the background…. I do know what you mean though about having to leave the ones who are up for adoption… ouch.


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