Is Rose by any other name Rose? Part III

[Part I and Part II] We’re at the front door…. I put Dena’s muzzle on, which is akin to a Ballerina putting on toe shoes for a performance. Greyhounds wear muzzles when they are racing and when in strange environments for just those instances where best intentions don’t count. Dena & Elby, That Cat! Meet […]

Is Rose by any other name still Rose? Part II

[Part I] I salute you if you are still with me on Dena’s Diamond and her homecoming…. Anticipation Finding Dena’s Diamond was a circular staircase in itself. When Claire died May 13, there was no question but that I would be getting a new greyhound. I thought to take a month or two or six, […]

Is Rose by any other name still Rose? Part I

Time for an update on the newest member of the staff and family, Dena’s Diamond. She is delightful. We met on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at her foster home with her human Mama, Riff. To be greeted at the gate by four greyhounds is an experience not to be denied. These gorgeous creatures are always […]

Film Recommendation: “Gifted Hands ~ The Ben Carson Story”

“Gifted Hands ~ The Ben Carson Story” I’m of the school that does not believe in giving away plot lines. I had this marked in my “films to see” and just watched it. It took longer than its actual time because I replayed scenes to enjoy them again. It is a very good film and […]

In Honor of Elder Men on this Father’s Day

A friend sent me this poem by “Anonymous” and it has grown its own urban legend. The man could be from anywhere and the story changes, some versions have a woman, some have him here in the States and others in Australia. He could be from anywhere and still it would be true. Here’s how […]

In honor of Father’s Day…. Stories to make you smile

My father has been gone since 1981, when he died at age 58 and I was 26. I wrote of him here, which was of a serious bent. The thing about families that make them so rich are the stories that don’t make the news. It is my favorite way to spend time, to sit […]

Newest Staff & Family Member for Chasing Rabbit

Hello everyone, Human Resources has been conducting the search for a new employee to assume Claire Has Flair, the Chaser’s duties. As you can see, such a search would not be an easy position to fill. We have made an offer, which has been accepted and will be meeting the newest member Saturday afternoon, with […]

You Are Being Profiled

Where do you stand on profiling? In the aftermath of 9/11, Boston Bombings, Sandyhook Elementary School Massacre, the outcry against guns (what type, who should be allowed to own one, how many bullets you can have in a magazine), airport screening, the argument about profiling always raises its ugly head. Proponents say it is necessary […]