And I thank You, God for ….

Happy Thanksgiving to every one of my readers, to all the friends I have made in this marvelous virtual world. I began this blog December of 2012 and, impossibly, we are coming up on the second anniversary. At this moment, there are 530 followers who want to know when I have written something. I thank […]

A word on those Thanksgiving pre and post sales

Are you as baffled and biased about all the advertising as I am, seeing the early “Black Friday” sales, sales that start on Thanksgiving, or even as early as Wednesday? My gut reaction is to weep that such a day has become so corrupt and the antithesis of its original purpose: to give thanks for […]

What the Veterans Administration Does Spectacularly

With all the news about the screw ups for our Veterans, this must just be said. The care and service provided to burying our Veterans is so well done, it breaks and sooths your heart in the same moment. The following is a letter I wrote to say thank you. I wanted to share it […]

In Memoriam of a Marine, the Marine Corps and All Veterans

I spent this past weekend in San Diego, California at my brother, Sean Edward Duggan’s Memorial. There were maybe 50 people in attendance. We came together in a restaurant, not a church, to commemorate a good man, who lived life well, on his own terms, achieving extraordinary highs and equally resounding falls. There were nine […]