Happy Easter and Passover, Everyone!

I realize afresh how much I have to be thankful for. Friends from out of town are coming in today. I’ve known this particular friend, Nori, from the time we were 16 and met at McDonald’s. That’s a friendship of 43 years, guys. I woke this morning full of self-doubt. Would they like my home? […]

Elby, That Cat! Meets Himself Coming and Going

Picture a modern apartment bathroom. The wall above the sink and toilet has a very large vanity mirror that goes the length of the wall and about 2/3s the width with overhead vanity lights, six of ’em, to be precise. It has a side medicine cabinet, also fronted by a mirror, allowing for double imaging […]

SLOMO ~ grin

My nephew saw this and forwarded it to numerous people, saying “Worth 15 minutes of your time.” His father, my brother, laughed and forwarded it to me, saying he had met and spoken with Slomo many times while walking on Pacific Beach in San Diego, where my brother lives. The first link he gave just […]

Windows XP Bites the Dust and Sundry Things

This has been a nerve wracking day, I’ll tell ya. I woke up with something to celebrate, my brain whirling with ideas, thoughts bouncing off the walls and corridors of my mind and landing smack in the middle of some family dilemmas. But that wasn’t the hard part of the day. Finished my journaling, my […]