Milton: “The mind is its own place…”

Today, as has been the case for over a week now, I was having trouble breathing. Something about late August, maybe. For a year, I had been good – no sudden difficulties or that incredibly tired feeling – just the effort to breath taking everything I had. The act of eating seeming to be more […]

…Under the Sun

I was reading the newest post by Richard Fernandez regarding how upside down our world has become, which echoes my lament of a few days ago, “Irreconcilable Philosophical Differences.” I was so pissed off I forgot to follow through on what I meant by Irreconcilable Philosophical Differences. Won’t happen tonight either, but… in the Belmont […]

BBQ Spareribs, potatoe salad, bake beans – it’s what’s for dinner

This all started because of my neighbor, Steven. A couple of months ago, Steven asked, while petting Ella, if I liked BBQ sauce. Why yes, yes, I do. Turns out he has taken over his father-in-law’s recipe and started a side business of selling BBQ sauce. He offered me a jar and asked that I […]

Irreconcilable Philosophical Differences – Warning! Venting!

I’ve been quiet for months now. Or perhaps, I just feel like I’ve been reapplying that favorite all purpose tape men love…duct tape to my mouth. By now, you all know I am a news junkie. I can supply all the labels necessary for short speak – conservative will do for now. From where I […]

Balance – Starting the Day

We all find ways to keep on an even keel, mine began in my 20’s with affirmations that I did for 15 minutes in the a.m. and p.m. and then evolved over the years into a variety of ways that bring me peace and balance. Most important and without being funny, it begins with a […]


I had the honor to attend the swearing in ceremony of 18 new U.S. citizens at the Naturalization Ceremony held at our local library today. This is one of the most moving ceremonies I have ever attended. I caught wind of it happening in a casual conversation this past week. To the best of my […]

The World is Bigger than our Backyard, eh?

I was having a chat with my good friend Wiley – we leave messages back and forth on our posts, of course. Somehow, we got onto a discussion of whether Wiley, a most intrepid, loving dog, could go bicycle riding with his forever peeps, which tickled a memory from long ago of dogs and motorcycles. […]

Does Truth Matter?

If you took the summer off or simply listened to music rather than the news, you may be confused as you tune back in. Scandals? What scandals? President Obama and his press secretary, Jay Carney, are stating that the Republicans are creating phony scandals. Hmm. Really? I guess it would depend on what you think […]

Chatting with friends – illuminating moments

I have been blessed recently and want to share the joy. I succumbed to summer sloth and stopped posting on a continuous daily basis – okay, every other day basis. But, it also gave me time to go check on some of my every day must read blogs and what I’ve discovered is that maybe […]