Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter

On Good Friday, especially, it can seem a dark lonely time. Today, of all days, I received a written message from a friend asking me to light a candle for someone she loved dearly. This is a first from my friend. Most of my friends, especially my long-time friends, know I always have a candle […]

Christmas Eve 2014 ~ “Hark, I bring you good tidings”

It is soft and quiet at my house this Christmas Eve. I found myself grateful today for this day, this Christmas Eve and for tomorrow, Christmas Day. Despite all the crappy news and usual human messiness, this is the one moment in the West where we try to be good to one another and for […]

Praying for a Friend

One of my best readers and commentors is Bill Hamilton of Dealing with COPD. He was concerned yesterday about maybe getting pneumonia and said he would call and/or see his doctor today. On his site, he has posted an update that he has been hospitalized for an exacerbation, which is a serious word in COPD, […]

Acts of Kindness ~ Thank you!

I came home today, having rushed out of the house for an appointment, and fired up the old computer to see what had happened since I went to sleep at 1:00 a.m. … Ordinarily, every evening I check certain sites because I know the writers post late. Somehow ….(hear those Angel wings softly beating?) I […]

Life Cycle Events and an Evening’s Plans

Judiasm speaks of Life Cycle Events that come about because we all experience them or through the use of traditions mark certain occasions through the year. I’ve always been a traditionalist, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They appeal to all my senses and warm the cockles of my little heart. Last year, with the launch […]

Saint Nicholas Day ~ My Chosen Saint

Today, December 6, is the Feast of Saint Nicholas. When I was 12 and preparing for my Confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church, I chose St. Nicholas as my personal Saint. I distinctly remember why I chose the name: I liked it. Nicola. Long before it became so popular again, I thought it rang beautifully […]