Silent Majority Honks Loud and Long!

Reporting in from the field: The City of Federal Way is a bedroom community 30 miles outside Seattle, Washington. Only about half the residents vote and yet….today I got to see something special. MG Bernardy, a reader of these pages and a dear friend of mine, wanted to do something for our Police Department. She’d […]

Morning in the HuntMode Household ~ Breakfast

Breakfast. I remember when I was young and finally put together words have meaning and reflect that meaning in their composition. The big illumination came from “headache.” My head aches. Ah! Breakfast equals break fast. In our household, the emphasis is on “fast.” As in NOW. I’ve been without a camera for months, making for […]

Terrorism: “I know it when I see it.”

Paris, France: Today, Wednesday, January 7, 2015, three men walked into a building in Paris, into the offices of a newspaper that published cartoons depicting Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, called out the names of people and shot 12 people dead and injured another 11 people. The three men yelled “Allah Akbar!” (“God is great”) […]