Resolutions – I resolve…

Another challenge from the Daily Post.  I accept. No half-hearted resolutions composed of shoulds or maybes, but true resolves.  Hmm.  Initially, this challenge just left me cold.  This once a year thing has always puzzled me.  If something concerns me enough that I need to do something about it, why wait until this day?  Hours […]

Faithful – Semper Fi

This is part of the Daily Post challenge – they pick a topic and we respond.  Today’s Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t. Faith?  I think I’ve always had it, some days/years stronger than others, admittedly.  I remember my first miracle – likely there had been many, […]

Christmas in the Pacific Northwest – The Christmas Tree – 2012

Every year, this challenge of the Christmas Tree comes up.  Is it Christmas, really, without one?  In my heart of hearts, no, it is not.  There have been years when getting a Christmas tree and decorating it went by me.  It just got away from me for one reason or another.  Work?  Money?  Time?  Living […]

Guilty Pleasures

I’m one of those snobby creatures who, if the masses love it, think it can’t be that good. I miss a lot of wonderful things because of this intrinsic character flaw. I thought the Beatles were all flash. Yep, I was judgmental at eight years old. I was wrong and came along after years, though […]

Christmas ~ ’tis the season

It was Christmas Eve or early Christmas Day, since it was closer to 2:30 a.m. just about three or four years ago.  It was snowing, my breath frosting from the air.  I’d stepped outside to have a cigarette.  All was quiet, all was still.    I had been invited to join a friend and her family […]


I am so glad you came.  Come on in.  How did you find me?  Never mind, it is just great to see you.  Coffee?  Tea? Vodka, wine?  Please sit down and have a read.  What are you interested in?  I’m willing to bet over the coming months there will be something to pique your interest.  […]