“Make Friends and Keep ‘Em Close – trust me on this.”

Where the heck is HuntMode? Have you wondered why I have not been posting of late? …remember that good deed I mentioned wherein I was helping my neighbor, who had received a sudden diagnosis of a really big tumor growing inside her heart? I asked for your prayers and you all responded instantly and most […]

Alert & Warning Center ~ Ever Wondered?

I’ve mentioned before that I had the honor of serving as a State Emergency Operations Officer from 2010 – 2012. Below is a picture with two of my fellow SEOOs, both very good men and officers. As you will see, the two men are surrounded by a bevy of phones, screens (each officer monitors six […]

The Best Valentine’s Day Evah!

The best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had was in the year 2000. It went down by the numbers, far better planned and executed than some covert ops. And, it was great, right up until the Fire Department arrived. So much for sophistication, grace, a certain Mati Hari style. Harry and I had only been dating […]

What’s happening

As a quick update, it is snowing here in Federal Way, Washington. Our first snow despite having experienced low 20s and teens this past week. It’s lovely. I have had some great news the past week re work. A temp position from March 11-April 24. A second one I’ve been waiting on came through Thursday […]

Praying for a Friend

One of my best readers and commentors is Bill Hamilton of Dealing with COPD. He was concerned yesterday about maybe getting pneumonia and said he would call and/or see his doctor today. On his site, he has posted an update that he has been hospitalized for an exacerbation, which is a serious word in COPD, […]

Cooking: Want a fun evening and… learn something?

There were great deals going on at the market. Do you ever buy meat and then forget to cook or freeze it? Maybe you delay or you’re just not in the same mood to eat it as when you bought it? I swore that would not happen again. I have no excuse, you see. I […]