The Rabbit had it right – I am late for a very important date

(I just need to insert here that I took time to research that picture and most of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland pictures creeped me out. I don’t remember the White Rabbit as creepy, do you?) I have been honored and I am late. Anyone in real time and space who knows me […]

The Sunshine Award

Recently, two of my blogger buds gifted me with the Sunshine Award. Curiously, they come from different directions, one from the U.S. and one from Down Under, and the pictures of the Award differ, as do the Rules. Tremble. Neither one could explain what the Sunshine Award was for. They thought it may have something […]

And now, for something just a tad lighter….Celebration!

Today, my stats read that I have reached an all time new high (the nature of stats, yes?). I’m grinning from head to toe. This past weekend when I wrote for 7-10 hours chasing one of my favorite rabbit holes (all about me), I was somewhere around 4,900 views, meaning that over this year of […]

Golden Letter: A

April has become my month for Awards, the most recent I have received is this one: The name of the Award says it all. The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. KnowledgeKnut, a blogger who has been through much recently, took time to honor other bloggers – that in itself is an inspiration. More inspiring, she has […]

Friends Who Become Family

“To family who become friends and to friends who become family.” Wiley of Wiley’s Wisdom, who breathes  joy with every post, received the WordPress Family Blogging Award and, in keeping with his nature, and the rules, nominated others, of which we are one.   Thank you, Wiley.   Claire, Elby and HuntMode think you are the cat’s […]